Making of Taliesin Mod.Fab.

Architectural visualization artist Matt Guetta shares his process of making Taliesin Mod.Fab – A project designed and built by students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Matt was motivated in exploring Taliesin Mod.Fab as a personal 3d project, being fascinated by the well designed and sustainable project made by students, focusing mostly on lighting and materials. He also took the liberty to create a different environment for the house then the Arizona desert it was originally situated in.

Author: Matt Guetta

Matt Guetta is a CG and 3D Architecture Visualization artist based in France. Starting 3D as a hobby, he quickly became fascinated by the subject, and in 2009 decided to direct his career path towards 3D CG. Matt also has a blog in french about the subject which provides free VRay tutorials at

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V-Ray 2.30 – Features and improvements

New features:
• Support for 3ds Max 2013;
• Support for the new shading features of Hair & Fur in
3ds Max 2013;
• VRayOrnatrixMod: support for Ornatrix 2.0;
• Added a “Matte for reflection/refraction” option to the
VRayWrapperMtl material and the V-Ray object settings…

Download here the WHOLE PDF document (right click > save)

Chaos Group goes to Oslo in May

Hungry for the latest in VFX and creative technology? Want to meet up with like-minded people from the CG industry? Then join us on May 14th-16th, 2012 in Oslo for the 7th international seminar “Digital Storytelling 2012: The Art and Science of Visual Effects”.

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MOMA Design

3ds Max 2009, V-Ray, AutoCAD 2010, PS CS4

My thesis project. Museum of Modern Art in Rostov-on-Don. Do not set the goal to achieve photorealistic, the principal was architecture, but also received visas pomoymu not bad.

Take a look here > MOMA Design

Clamp Output and Linear Workflow

Some day ago I was talking with Alfa Smyrna.. great artist, I’m sure you already know as Pixela. We was talking about clamp output. Here why is not necessary using clamp output especially working in linear color mapping. First of all we need to know that de default value for clamp is 1,0 and it is the white in 32 bits.

Vray Caustics and «ShowCalcPhase»

To recall the “ShowCalcPhase” allows you to see the calculation of the Global Illumination , eg irradiance map. It is not active by default, you have to activate each new scene. Here the principle is the same, we must activate each time, except that Chaosgroup has not provided a button … So we will have a little script every beast that will allow us to visualize the pre-computation of caustics.

Tutorial to create Vray LensEffect

I think the one you have been waiting for! The VRay Effect Lens is part of topics essential since the release of V-Ray 2.0. This is Alfa Smyrna , better known by the nickname Pixela , which proposes a comprehensive tutorial on its use.

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In Memoria Concept Trailer

Hive Division presents “In Memoria”,
an independent film project set in the Italian front of World War I.

This trailer has been self-funded and it’s meant to represent a first conceptualisation of the project. It’s a proposition that Hive Division is making to prospective sponsors or producers.

Explosions made with Phonix FX / rendered with Vray

MaxScript and Vray Proxy

This is the first tutorial about MaxScript into the Matt Guetta blog. This is nothing incredible, but it’s really useful to save your time without really learn Max Script.

Tutorial to create multilight with VrayLightSelect

VrayLightSelect: it does not contain information of Global Illumination, which means that there are only of direct lighting. This amounts to saying that also count on the pass to work your lighting completely denature the consistency of your computing global illumination .

So keep in mind that this is useful but it must be used for two reasons only, make a quick devlook before launching the final play subtly and components. It is therefore no question of relying only on it as I do in this tutorial.

Demystifying V-Ray DMC Sampler

In this tutorial I will focuse on giving you the basic technical background of DMC sampler, but before we go into any technical details about DMC sampler, we will go over alternative sampler integrated in VRay, Adaptive Subdivision sampler.

Unnamed Soundsculpture

Project by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer

produced by:

The power of the sound…

enjoy it!!

Cubic Tragedy

Women, cosmetic surgery and 3d modeling…

In this video you see what can be “dangerous” a bad polygonal modeller who wants to be more beautiful

And you can see how important is the SHIFT key

Camera Matching for 3DS Max and V-Ray Physical Cam

Now you can align the VrayPhisycalCam to any your photo. With simple passes it is possible. This tutorial teaches how to find the right alignment with your backgrounds.

You can insert new objects in the scene with precision and photorealism…

Mercado de San Juan with V-Ray

A really great image of DanielVFX de foro3d! The inspiration is the “Gran Mercado, San Juan De Dios”, really close to him. 3 full months working on… he started with another engine and completed the work with Vray.

He’s working on vray tutorials in video to explain the workflow!
Take a look here > Mercado with V-Ray

Time Warp Project – Uirá Lamour

Graduation project in Film and Video.
Done in order to exercise some CG techniques and mprove my portfolio.

Done in 3Ds max, Vray, Rayfire, Zbrush, Pftrack, Nuke and AE

- This splendid video teaches: Don’ became distracted driving -

Video / Sequoia

A great breakdown from advertising.

Agency : MARCEL
Production : WIZZ DESIGN
Director : ANDY’S
Post-production : Unit Image

Old Fun Project

Hello my friends! These fun projects are a bit old 1-2 years old and some of them are not 100% finished but i decide to share with you because i ll never make more on these renders.  Nga house pure model provided by Javier Pinto at Rones site.

The second house is Smith House from Richard Meier architect but its not the same, i add my own thoughts. 2 towers model provited by Ronen Bekerman.

Take a look here > Old Fun Project ink

V-Ray daylight tutorial

This tutorial shows you the basics of how to set up daylight lighting in V-Ray using VRaySun and a 3ds Max daylight system for precise control of time of day and location.

vray daylight