Artist Retreat by Jamie Homes

Jamie’s ‘Artists Retreat’ render, that was based on the Shell house by ARTechnic architects, got him first place in the exterior category of Evermotion’s latest competition. He really managed to pull off a remarkable 3d recreation based on the original house and I especially like what he did with the little japanese zen rock garden! this is a must see and study. Join the forum discussion for more information.

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Interview – Gabe Askew

His fan video for Grizzly Bear’s song Two Weeks has for the past weeks been receiving a lot of praise in communities such as the Chaos Group forum, Vimeo and Motionographer. We’ve asked Gabe Askew to tell us a litte bit more about himself, and the video.

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Creating realistic rocks with V-ray

Tutorial by Daniel James Hatton

Part 1 of this tutorial shows a way to create very realistic looking rocks that can be rendered far away or for very detailed work. After failing to find a decent tutorial online I decided to start experimenting and I came up with this. I already knew how to make decent looking rock but I needed a way of generating loads quickly for a very rocky landscape. In Part 2 we are going to distribute those Rocks on a large scale using Vray Mesh Export and the Advanced Painter Plugin.

You need. 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Francois Mourlevat’s Asteroids Generator Script and the texture inluded in the scene file which is a modifies version of a texture I got from CG Textures.

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Rusty with V-Ray

In the following tutorial we will create an advanced rusty metal shader.

Although the tutorial makes use of vray renderer’s vray blend material, you can also use shellac material if you are not a vray user.

Design the concept of office center

Exterior render of office center with an innovative design.

Software used: 3ds Max + Vray + Photoshop

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Making of Royal Suite with V-Ray

Author: Walid Layouni

Making of suite in baroque style; beautiful photorealistic image made with excellent modeling and excellent complex materials.

Software used:

  • 3ds Max for the forniture
  • Maya for the curtaining
  • Vray 2.0 for Rander
  • After Effects + Photoshop for post production

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HDR Skydome tutorial

A Tutorial to understand the production process’ bases of HDRI map.

Edited by Peter Guthrie

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Vray Dirt Tutorial

A quick tutorial on adding dirt to specific materials in Vray. A very useful application of the vraydirt shader in Vray is to make materials look dirty/weathered. Used in it’s basic form, with default settings, vraydirt can be used to add a general darkening around edges/corners in your 3d model. It can also be modified to affect only areas directly below 3d features.

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The importance of true high dynamic range in HDRI maps

Many people don’t seem to realise that there is more to a HDRI map than only a pretty picture. Since you usually have to decide on buying HDRI maps from examining low dynamic range previews, it’s important to know what to look for and how to spot bad quality maps.

This article will help you in doing just that, with a strong focus on the dynamic range which is usually overlooked, especially by the providers of HDRI maps.

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What is Vray?

This tutorial is a brief overview of what you will be able to do with Vray, one of the most popular rendering plugins for 3D Studio Max.

This tutorial was created with Vray version 2.0. Please do not email me with questions about this tutorial if you are using a Vray version prior to V-ray 2.0, since the answer to your question is most likely that you’re using a older version.

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Making of Loft V-ray

Author: Matheus Passos

3D artist located in Bahia / Brazil doing Computer Graphics since 2010.

Matheus Passos created the Loft scene as a personal project inspired by the works of MIMO Studio and Insomia Architects from Poland

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How to render a liquid in a glass

Rendering a liquid in a glass can prove to be problematic. If you model it like in real life, the polygons located at the interior of the glass will be microscopically close to the geometry of the liquid, which can result in coplanar faces and therefore, artifacts when rendering.

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Snow Displacement using V-Ray

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop, V-Ray

This tutorial teaches how to produce realistic snow with displacement map

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V-Ray Film & Visual Effects Demo Reel 2011

The Official V-Ray Demo Reel 2011 – Film & Visual Effects Industry

Villa Cologny Architecture Simulation

A CG Architecture Simulation we did using 3dmax and Vray. Post made with AfterFx.

Architectural Visualization with HDRI Skies and Vray

In this tutorial, we will illuminate an exterior architectural scene with help from Vray and a HDR image (High Dy­namic Range Image, or HDRI for short) from Hyperfocal Design.

3ds Max – Vray – HDRI Skies

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Hotel – Exterior Render

Author: Hemant Kumar

From: India, Delhi
Software for production: 3dsmax, vray, photoshop
Date: 2012.05.16

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V-ray tutorial on how to create a Lampshade Material

A tutorial that explains how to use the vray2sided material in order to obtain materials like lampshades, curtains, etc.

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Vray Grass Tutorial – By Peter Guthrie

Or more specifically how to create a field of grass using vray proxy objects and the vrayscatter plugin.

Software used: 3dstudio Max, vray (should work with mentalray proxies too), vrayscatter (for alternatives see below), advanced painter (free script)

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Learn the best ways to add Gamma in V-Ray!

We actaully are “producers” of images and we need to correctly setup the gamma in 3ds Max, in order to imitate the behavior of real cameras. Choose the right combination to just adds 2,2…

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