IES Light in Vray

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Tutorial on use of VrayProxy

You know what proxy can do now I will explain how it works. Proxy is an object that allows you to import mesh from external file at render time only. This can save a lot of memory while you work on your scene. For example, you have a lot of high-poly trees and you really don’t need to see them all the time in viewport. By exporting them to V-Ray proxy you can speed up your workflow, and you will be able to render more polygons.

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Create self Illumination objects with Vray

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create self emitting lamp.

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Tabula Rasa

This is a project created as a final graduation work . The basic idea was to tell a simple story about the emptiness of human mind and the slavery of our own system which makes us artificial, though sometimes by sacrificing ourselves for simple and ordinary things we can make them magnificent.

Short created by Arnoldas Vitkus
Music by Povilas Ramoska

Bundle V-Ray 2.0 ADV for 3ds Max + Phoenix FD 2.0


Want to be able to create amazing simulations of fire and smoke? Wondering how you can create realistic looking foam and splashes? Get Phoenix FD and flame up those scenes! Add a touch of perfection and render it all with V-Ray for 3ds Max. Get this perfect combo now and save up to 30%!

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Interior Render – 60th old Style

Composition in 60th old style.
Produced with: 3ds Max / Vray / Photoshop / Polyboost

Clorox – Mermaids

Clorox Commercial: Mermaids
This is a golden oldie i was working in 2006 as a VRay shading artist.


3D Artists:
Gabriel Silver (Christian Weckmann)
Ardworx (Christian Zilliken)
PsychoSilence/3Delicious (Anselm v. Seherr-Thoß)
FXcalibur (Mariusz Wesierski)
Houndman (Markus Hund)
Andy-Arbeit (Andreas Böninghoff)
Toby (Animation)

Tutorial Making of Abandonated Building

This work is one of most interesting images I ever did. The idea was a vision from my mind for abandoned building. I felt that I live inside the design and I worked with every single details as if it was the design itself.
It was very nice journey with the world of textures and lighting.

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Making of Hotel Palace 5 Stars

Walid Layouni’s work. Production of Hotel Palace’s dining room with a classic and refined style.

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Foliage Tutorial – By Red Vertex

The scene consists of a round patch of grass, the house in the center and trees surrounding it. They had to be close to each other so you couldn’t see through them, creating the impression of a forest. For every camera view, I added, removed or moved trees and foliage to shape the composition.

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Hambuster is a graduation movie co-directed by five students from Supinfocom Arles. 
This production is a 6 min short film and it was all done in 3D stereoscopic.
Just enjoy!

Modeling and V-Ray tutorial by Alfa Smyrna

the thought of Alfa Smyrna

“I believe that making sketches is a vital step in designing architecture or objects ; as well as for designing the images. For this bedroom, I took a slightly different workflow. I can call it “sketching in 3d” First, I had vision of this bedroom on my mind. I was imagining the sun falling down into the room, I was imagining about the wallpaper and bed…”

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Vray Tutorial on Kamu, Art Museum of Estonia

First of all thank you for reading this! Since this particular project is consisted of 10 completely different scenes I chose to explain the crucial parts instead of walking you through with only one scene. I had the chance to visit this building personally 2 years ago. As a matter of fact I found it out of pure luck just by wandering in the forest in Tallinn. It was 2 years ago as I said and I knew it immediately that I will do my 3d version of this at some point. And when it came I started with gathering all the information I could find on the internet. I downloaded literally all the photos I could get my hands on.

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L’Odyssée de Cartier

Short movie produced by Cartier ricco. Wonderful!!!

It’s Fantastic…

Enjoy it

The Accuracy of Time by Javi Martinez

Finally came out the wonderful Javi Martinez’ short movie! Elegant photography and extreme photorealism…
What’s the difference with reality?

Enjoy it!

Great V-Ray exterior renders

After more than a month and a half lull, here’s the last project I worked on: Site: Headquarters of a major Chinese tobacco company in Sichuan / China

The project is a concept from initial idea to submission of the final product failed to takeonly 31 hours: including complete modeling of objects in 3ds max + ArchiCAD andpostobrabotkata (additional rendering took about 60 hours). Original resolution previews:3000/2000

More images

House Interior by Lasse Rode

Author: Lasse Rode / Studio xoio

The Berlin based studio xoio has been established in 2006 by Peter Stulz and Lasse Rode. It is specialized in high-quality emotive architecture and product visualization. The team at xoio consists of people who have an architecture and design background. That provides a strong understanding of creative processes and the ability to give support in questions of design.

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Chicago Loft by Bertrand Benoit

Here’s a remarkable little Déjà vu for you… Last year started with a spotlight on Bertrand Benoit’s Tribeca Loft, and today he posts his new Chicago Loft images on the forums! Perfect timing & execution as you would expect of him. Last month Bertrand released the Chicago Loft scene for sale on Turbosquid in clean form so that you can populate it with your own models, serving as a showcase set – His current set of images is a great example of how this could be done.

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This short film was shot in 2 hours. Edited in month=) For shooting I used my new camera Canon 550D (+ kit lens 18-55mm + 50mm 1.8) and a little bit my friend’s camera Nikon D5000 (+ kit lens 18-55mm). Thanks for Watching.

Making of Tobacco Company Headquarters by Vladislav Dechev

Author: Vladislav Dechev

Vladislav Dechev is 26 years old 3d artist from Bulgaria. He’s been dealing with CGI for almost 6 years now, and in 2007 he established Wireframe Studio. Meanwhile he also works as an architect for an international company branch, based in Bulgaria. He made this renders of the Tobacco Company Headquarters in Sicuan, China. The design has a unique look, with a green roofs emerging from the ground covering the structural elements.

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