Creating Waterfalls Tutorial

A complete tutorial on creation of waterfalls using 3ds Max Particle System.

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PS3 Shards – Making of

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Thinking Particles

Comped with After Effects.

Little making of from an old project. I developed a Semi procedural system built with Thinking Particles to react with helpers, also completed all the smoke and fluid passes, rendering and lighting.


Production : WIZZ DESIGN
Director : ANDY’S
Post-production : Unit Image

Exterior Render – Chapel at Rio Roca Ranch

Beautiful example of exterior architecture. A chapel with simple lines and well defined. In this render there is a deep contact with the nature.

the windows of chapel give the idea of open space

Interior Design – Classic Bedroom

Excellent modeling in 3ds Max with good rendering in Vray and post production in Photoshop.

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Sig. Jones

Sigg Jones is a student project I co-directed with Jonathan Vuillemin and Matthieu Bessudo a.k.a. mcbess. It was made in 2006 for our graduation using 3DSMax and V-Ray. Check my website for more information.

Interior Design – Bathroom

Shots of two types of bathroom made with 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop for post production. (Spanish source)

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Making of The Death of A Bird

Interesting production. Simple modeling and accurate texturing, enhanced by an excellent post production.

Modeling: 3ds Max
Rendering and Effects: Vray

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Making of Spider

“My name is Andrew Averkin and I want to show you Making of Spider. Possibly you will expose something new on your own. I hope you like it. Initially I wanted to do animation of mechanical insect. I began work not thinking about which one insect I going to do. In the process of modeling I saw that insect look turns out like a spider and then I decided to do finished work. I was needed the pictures of different mechanical clock, details, cog-wheels, and also instruments of watch-maker. I began to search of pictures in the web and after a few hours of search I collected necessary to me information.”

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Making of Earthrise Cinematic

Bulgarian studio Genig has put together a nice video showing the making of their cinematic for the MMO game Earthrise.

The cinematic was created in 3 months by a team of 8 people using 3ds Max with V-Ray and PhoenixFD.

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Chaos Group interview with Method Studios

VFX Artist Scott Metzger of Method Studios talks about the the work they did for Halo:Reach, and how they use V-Ray for Maya in production.

“Here at Method we have been using V-Ray for Maya since the beginning of its development. It has had huge success in house for feature and commercial work large and small. Having multiple renderer support inhouse it’s a head to head vs match to final only the best images.”

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V-Ray render engine in action for Avatar!

Exclusive interview for 3DVF with the French 3D artist Aymeric Aute from Prime Focus VFX. He shares his experience during his creative work for the James Cameron’s epic motion picture Avatar. He takes us to an impressive trip across his professional history, explaining his migration to the 3D and the opportunity to be part of the starting team on Avatar.

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10 Years Vray – Anniversary Wallpapers

Chaosgroup offers you a unique collection of V-Ray wallpapers featuring our anniversary logo and our special visuals dedicated to the latest CG events we attended. Celebrate V-Ray 10th anniversary!

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Making of Rotunda

Making of Rotunda starting from modeling of each singular ornament, adding illumination, texturing and post production.

by Viktor Fretyan

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Vray Tutorial to make the leather

This small tutorial shows simple way how to make this kind of material.

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The Chase

A story about the art of aging….enjoy :)

10 Years V-Ray

In 2012, Chaos Group Celebrates V-Ray’s 10th Anniversary.
Join us in celebrating ten years of hard work, inspiration, and of course, a little bit of chaos! Take a journey into the making of V-Ray and see how it all started. Win great prizes by entering the Anniversary challenge or simply by taking our survey.

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Tutorial on creation of realistic Bump Map

In this short tutorial I will show you a simple way to create correct bump map for textile material.You are able to create any bump/displace surface using this way.

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How to use Pelt Mapping

In this tutorial we will try to map a tree (main branches) using useful feature called pelt mapping.

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Vray Tutorial – Volume Effect

In this article, Myqel and Pendzel show you how to use it. You will find here 2 parts, first for standard rendering job and second for postproduction in Photoshop.

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