VRayLightMtl + VRayDirt for Quick AO Render Checkup


In this tutorial we can find a quick tip to create an Ambient Occlusion with V-Ray.

Read this to have more informations >>> Quick AO

The Making Of Farnsworth House by Romuald Chaigneau


In this post we welcome to a talented young designer, Romuald Chaigneau, to make the legendary Farnsworth House.

To read his making of go to here

The Making of Gloam

In this tutorial artist David Elwell takes you through the production of a shot from his short Gloam.


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For the first time in Italy, single event in Europe.
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More about V-Ray Fur

In this V-Ray Tutorial I want to introduce Vray Fur. I am not going to explain all parameters one by one. it is what you would find in Vray help documents. Here, I try to show abilities of Vray Fur with bringing some examples.

The making of “Helicopter model”

In this tutorial Sergej talks about his personal project “Helicopter Model”, selected for the Autodesk “Fake or Foto” challenge. Sergej discusses the V-Ray shading, lighting and rendering techniques he used to achieve great photo realistic results.

This tutorial is about V-Ray for Maya.

The Living: another great piece of teaching.

In this moment Cg-Blog is the best place to study Rendering with V-Ray as practical application of photographic concepts. On Cg Blog you can’t find loooonger (and boring) videos, you can’t find simple tutorials like “just-click-here”.

On Cg Blog you can find real “Lessons”, with theory and applications. The teacher explains you WHY, everything is LOGICAL and this is preatty rare for V-Ray Trainings! If you’re looking for a real school, with exercises and a teacher to ask questions so.. no doubts! Choose Cg Blog!!!

The Chase

A super funny story about 4 girls escaping… absolutely amazing!!!!

Simulate carpets in 4 ways!

A really nice and useful post from Austris Cingulis on his own blog! have you ever tried to simulate carpet? Yeeeeaahhhh…. if you’re new to this watch these 4 videos to learn ho to do that with V-Ray Displacement, V-Ray Fur, Hair and Fur and Forest pro carpet!

Waterman ‘s death

Video by Thomas Marqué.

Vray , frost , vray sss2 material
25 millions of particles at the end . Sim : 10 hours (M18X 32 go)

SIGHT: a brilliant short movie with great CG!

A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.
This is our graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts.

Eric Lerner

Ori Golad and Deborah Aroshas (the next star of hollywood! *_*)
Animated Starry night by: Petros Vrellis.

Vray IES: nice script for 3ds Max

A really nice and useful script has been created by Thuyết Nguyễn (Cloo Studio). This script allows you to create IES using customized presets.

That’s a good tool to save time. Dont’ miss it!

V-Ray Training: Blue Villa

This is one of the best Educational Material for V-Ray.
CgBlog is like a school with video lessons, a teacher and an official Certification about V-Ray.

Check it out how to get in!

Vray Interior Render – Minimal Room

Render with minimal style produced with 3ds max and vray.

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Vray Exterior Render – Tagina

This exterior render is a project made for a famous Italian company, totally produced in computer graphic with 3ds max, vray and post production in photoshop

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The Ghost House

The Ghost House! This project is so called why this home is hardly find on maps.

For production are been used 3ds max, vray, photoshop and bookscatter.

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Caustik’s Showreel 2012

Well It’s finally here, Caustik’s first showreel after 18 months on the scene. Hopefully many more to come.

Lake Lugano House

A fantastic Jame’s Pickford’s Exterior Render.
Thi project is based on the Lake Lugano house by JM Architecture in Italy. For production of this render are been used the Peter guthrie’s HDRI.

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Interior Render – Living Room

Render by Krishan Kuma produced with 3ds Max 2009 and Vray

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Vray Tutorial to create Manica Lunga Library

To recap, the Manica Lunga library is a dormitory built in the 15th century by the architect Giovanni Buora then converted by the Italian architect Michele De Lucchi. History to make sure some reading during your office hours, stats Site betray you, I offer a small making-of the!

Continue reading here (Making of in French)