V-Ray 2.0 for Maya with Interactive rendering on CPU&GPU


Advantage of the interactive rendering engine running on both CPUs and GPUs in V-Ray for Maya. This will not only boost your speed but will allow making changes on a fly and immediately applying them to the scene.

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Maya – Vray Material basics

In this Quick Tutorial I want to show you the basics of setting up a Vray Material in Maya. It is a really straight forward renderer so its pretty easy to use.
This video will show you how to use reflection and refraction parameters inside the Vray Material and will show you what the important checkboxes like fresnel and ior are doing.

The Official V-Ray Showreel 2013 – Feature Films.

Credits (in alphabetical order):

Atomic Fiction
Important Looking Pirates
Look Effects
Mr. X Inc
Screen Scene (www.edwardbruce.com, www.screenscene.ie)

Video editing by Chavdar Chernev at Studio Sokerov

Three Useful V-Ray Tips


V-Ray tips that will make your renders more photorealistic.

Tips include:
1. The correct image sampler when you have reflection, refraction, DOF, glossiness, etc
2. The “Samples” option on the Irradiance Map
3. How to tint the reflection on a material

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V-Ray VFX and Game Cinematic Reel 2013

Here is the ChaosGroup Showreel on V-Ray for 2013.

Enjoy it!!!

Chaos Group Interviews Atomic Fiction

Kevin Baillie on “Looper”, “Flight” and cloud rendering

Find out how Atomic Fiction created futuristic cityscapes and flying vehicles for the sci-fi film Looper and created the VES award-nominated effects for the film Flight. Learn how the combination of ZYNC cloud rendering and V-Ray helped the team create 400 shots in record time.

The Chase

A super funny story about 4 girls escaping… absolutely amazing!!!!

Waterman ‘s death

Video by Thomas Marqué.

Vray , frost , vray sss2 material
25 millions of particles at the end . Sim : 10 hours (M18X 32 go)

SIGHT: a brilliant short movie with great CG!

A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.
This is our graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts.

Eric Lerner

Ori Golad and Deborah Aroshas (the next star of hollywood! *_*)
Animated Starry night by: Petros Vrellis.

Caustik’s Showreel 2012

Well It’s finally here, Caustik’s first showreel after 18 months on the scene. Hopefully many more to come.

PS3 Shards – Making of

© The Neighbourhood

Thinking Particles

Comped with After Effects.

Little making of from an old project. I developed a Semi procedural system built with Thinking Particles to react with helpers, also completed all the smoke and fluid passes, rendering and lighting.


Production : WIZZ DESIGN
Director : ANDY’S
Post-production : Unit Image

Sig. Jones

Sigg Jones is a student project I co-directed with Jonathan Vuillemin and Matthieu Bessudo a.k.a. mcbess. It was made in 2006 for our graduation using 3DSMax and V-Ray. Check my website for more information.

Making of Earthrise Cinematic

Bulgarian studio Genig has put together a nice video showing the making of their cinematic for the MMO game Earthrise.

The cinematic was created in 3 months by a team of 8 people using 3ds Max with V-Ray and PhoenixFD.

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Chaos Group interview with Method Studios

VFX Artist Scott Metzger of Method Studios talks about the the work they did for Halo:Reach, and how they use V-Ray for Maya in production.

“Here at Method we have been using V-Ray for Maya since the beginning of its development. It has had huge success in house for feature and commercial work large and small. Having multiple renderer support inhouse it’s a head to head vs match to final only the best images.”

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The Chase

A story about the art of aging….enjoy :)

Tabula Rasa

This is a project created as a final graduation work . The basic idea was to tell a simple story about the emptiness of human mind and the slavery of our own system which makes us artificial, though sometimes by sacrificing ourselves for simple and ordinary things we can make them magnificent.

Short created by Arnoldas Vitkus
Music by Povilas Ramoska

Clorox – Mermaids

Clorox Commercial: Mermaids
This is a golden oldie i was working in 2006 as a VRay shading artist.


3D Artists:
Gabriel Silver (Christian Weckmann)
Ardworx (Christian Zilliken)
PsychoSilence/3Delicious (Anselm v. Seherr-Thoß)
FXcalibur (Mariusz Wesierski)
Houndman (Markus Hund)
Andy-Arbeit (Andreas Böninghoff)
Toby (Animation)


Hambuster is a graduation movie co-directed by five students from Supinfocom Arles. 
This production is a 6 min short film and it was all done in 3D stereoscopic.
Just enjoy!

L’Odyssée de Cartier

Short movie produced by Cartier ricco. Wonderful!!!

It’s Fantastic…

Enjoy it