The story behind 5SRW


After more than 10 years of development, 5SRW is today the most important method to learn V-Ray following the photographic approach: clear like crystal!

Ciro Sannino trained hundreds of students live for many years, and just recently (3 years ago) he brought his course online, creating the most amazing community having in common the same method to work, speaking the same language, producing outstanding works, growing day by day:

This improessive gallery looks like the stunning galleries in Evermotion, Cgarchitect but the big difference is that here all the members are working with V-Ray and learning using the photographic logic, following the rigourous education with 5SRW.

Do you want to learn/improve?
In this moment taking the 5SRW Course is absolutely the best option you have, and there are a lot of things that say this:

  1. Ciro Sannino (the main trainer) is a V-Ray Licensed Instructor, certified by Chaos Group – and other trainers in the team are official instructors as well
  2. Many from the team like Ciro Sannino, Aldo Garcia, Martino Matrovito, Hartanto Gautama, are often invited for public speechs in GCI conferences
  3. is a V-Ray Authorized Center as well
  4. Many companies in the world know this method and the Certification
  5. According to Jeff Mottle words: “Ciro Sannino is easily one of the best presenters and writers our industry has seen in 20 years”

If you want to learn V-Ray in a photographic way, 5SRW Method has no competitors: these guys are leading the educational field and the results are clearly visible in their daily production: simply amazing! (check here)

I’m part of this amazing community and it worth every single penny!

Marco Dauges
TMS University / USA

Perfect lesson about Gamma & V-Ray


Try to study a lesson created by Ciro Sannino, V-Ray Licensed Instructor, and after tell me if something is not clear…


Ciro Sannino is very famous for creating simple and exhaustive lessons about V-Ray, photography and also technical tricks like in this demo!

Internet is literally invaded by tutorials about Gamma and V-Ray… each tutorial seems telling a different story. There’s nothing logical and finally the users just learn where poiting the mouse and click. Nothing more.

Ciro Sannino’s lessons go in the opposite way: very complex topics becomes simple in his hands, everything is clear and logical. This allow you to use your mind. Check this out:

(*) This is a demo lesson from


V-Ray workshop… in a real Cruise!!!!!

cruiseA group of amazing guys organized a V-Ray workshop on a wonderful mediterranean cruise!

Yes, I admit that the first time I heared about I tought it was a joke, but it wasn’t. Ciro Sannino – I must say – for the first time in the (recent) V-Ray workshop “history” had the idea to move his V-Ray Training Center on an MSC luxury boat!

The course was a certified Chaos Group and looking at the pics I think they spent amazing days togheter, studing, exploring, shooting and relaxing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :-O


PS All contents are also avalable in, subscribe here:

I, pet goat II

A story about the fire at the heart of suffering.
Bringing together dancers, musicians, visual artists and 3d animators, the film takes a critical look at current events. A mysterious figure travels aboard his boat through a dark and desolate landscape in his quest for inner peace.

Main softwares used: Maya, Vray, FumeFX, RealFlow