Chaos Group Interviews Atomic Fiction

Kevin Baillie on “Looper”, “Flight” and cloud rendering

Find out how Atomic Fiction created futuristic cityscapes and flying vehicles for the sci-fi film Looper and created the VES award-nominated effects for the film Flight. Learn how the combination of ZYNC cloud rendering and V-Ray helped the team create 400 shots in record time.

Making of the Pontiac


This project was a little springboard from my usual office work. I needed to rest after all Archinteriors and archmodels collections that i done in last year. The main idea of this work with old car abandoned in some wild area has got more then 2 years now and was invented by one of my team friends. He started to model a car and some environment, but decided to leave the project. Recently, he asked me to take a loot at it – this was nice piece of work and i decided to finisch it.


Rendering and Compositing Jewellery – 3Ds Max Tutorial


Rendering jewellery can be tricky, especially if you want to have the final result on white, with nice reflections and shadows.
Here is a 3ds max and VRay method you can try!
It uses a couple of tricks or ‘cheats’ to get this result.

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The Making Of Farnsworth House by Romuald Chaigneau


In this post we welcome to a talented young designer, Romuald Chaigneau, to make the legendary Farnsworth House.

To read his making of go to here

The Making of Gloam

In this tutorial artist David Elwell takes you through the production of a shot from his short Gloam.


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The making of “Helicopter model”

In this tutorial Sergej talks about his personal project “Helicopter Model”, selected for the Autodesk “Fake or Foto” challenge. Sergej discusses the V-Ray shading, lighting and rendering techniques he used to achieve great photo realistic results.

This tutorial is about V-Ray for Maya.

Vray Tutorial to create Manica Lunga Library

To recap, the Manica Lunga library is a dormitory built in the 15th century by the architect Giovanni Buora then converted by the Italian architect Michele De Lucchi. History to make sure some reading during your office hours, stats Site betray you, I offer a small making-of the!

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PS3 Shards – Making of

© The Neighbourhood

Thinking Particles

Comped with After Effects.

Little making of from an old project. I developed a Semi procedural system built with Thinking Particles to react with helpers, also completed all the smoke and fluid passes, rendering and lighting.

Making of The Death of A Bird

Interesting production. Simple modeling and accurate texturing, enhanced by an excellent post production.

Modeling: 3ds Max
Rendering and Effects: Vray

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Making of Spider

“My name is Andrew Averkin and I want to show you Making of Spider. Possibly you will expose something new on your own. I hope you like it. Initially I wanted to do animation of mechanical insect. I began work not thinking about which one insect I going to do. In the process of modeling I saw that insect look turns out like a spider and then I decided to do finished work. I was needed the pictures of different mechanical clock, details, cog-wheels, and also instruments of watch-maker. I began to search of pictures in the web and after a few hours of search I collected necessary to me information.”

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Making of Earthrise Cinematic

Bulgarian studio Genig has put together a nice video showing the making of their cinematic for the MMO game Earthrise.

The cinematic was created in 3 months by a team of 8 people using 3ds Max with V-Ray and PhoenixFD.

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Making of Rotunda

Making of Rotunda starting from modeling of each singular ornament, adding illumination, texturing and post production.

by Viktor Fretyan

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Tutorial Making of Abandonated Building

This work is one of most interesting images I ever did. The idea was a vision from my mind for abandoned building. I felt that I live inside the design and I worked with every single details as if it was the design itself.
It was very nice journey with the world of textures and lighting.

Read here Lighting Vray Tutorial

Making of Hotel Palace 5 Stars

Walid Layouni’s work. Production of Hotel Palace’s dining room with a classic and refined style.

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Modeling and V-Ray tutorial by Alfa Smyrna

the thought of Alfa Smyrna

“I believe that making sketches is a vital step in designing architecture or objects ; as well as for designing the images. For this bedroom, I took a slightly different workflow. I can call it “sketching in 3d” First, I had vision of this bedroom on my mind. I was imagining the sun falling down into the room, I was imagining about the wallpaper and bed…”

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Vray Tutorial on Kamu, Art Museum of Estonia

First of all thank you for reading this! Since this particular project is consisted of 10 completely different scenes I chose to explain the crucial parts instead of walking you through with only one scene. I had the chance to visit this building personally 2 years ago. As a matter of fact I found it out of pure luck just by wandering in the forest in Tallinn. It was 2 years ago as I said and I knew it immediately that I will do my 3d version of this at some point. And when it came I started with gathering all the information I could find on the internet. I downloaded literally all the photos I could get my hands on.

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Making of Tobacco Company Headquarters by Vladislav Dechev

Author: Vladislav Dechev

Vladislav Dechev is 26 years old 3d artist from Bulgaria. He’s been dealing with CGI for almost 6 years now, and in 2007 he established Wireframe Studio. Meanwhile he also works as an architect for an international company branch, based in Bulgaria. He made this renders of the Tobacco Company Headquarters in Sicuan, China. The design has a unique look, with a green roofs emerging from the ground covering the structural elements.

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Making of Royal Suite with V-Ray

Author: Walid Layouni

Making of suite in baroque style; beautiful photorealistic image made with excellent modeling and excellent complex materials.

Software used:

  • 3ds Max for the forniture
  • Maya for the curtaining
  • Vray 2.0 for Rander
  • After Effects + Photoshop for post production

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Making of House to Catch a Forest

Author: Celestino Geronimo
Celestino is General Manager at Mushroom Multimedia located in Singapore.

“This is my interpretation of a Tezuka House by the forest, played with different foliage types as opposed to the original site itself. My intention was to achieve that “forest” look with lush vegetation while preserving the focal point which is the design of the house itself. It was a simple 3D exercise which I did to pass the time.”

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Making of Taliesin Mod.Fab.

Architectural visualization artist Matt Guetta shares his process of making Taliesin Mod.Fab – A project designed and built by students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Matt was motivated in exploring Taliesin Mod.Fab as a personal 3d project, being fascinated by the well designed and sustainable project made by students, focusing mostly on lighting and materials. He also took the liberty to create a different environment for the house then the Arizona desert it was originally situated in.

Author: Matt Guetta

Matt Guetta is a CG and 3D Architecture Visualization artist based in France. Starting 3D as a hobby, he quickly became fascinated by the subject, and in 2009 decided to direct his career path towards 3D CG. Matt also has a blog in french about the subject which provides free VRay tutorials at

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