House in Forest – Dining Room


An interesting work on a house immersed in nature and taken in every aspect. For more pictures click here.

V-Ray Interior… without gravity!


Amazing image from Ciro Sannino who created a vray interior, without gravity, totally inspired by the recent movie “Gravity”.
In this breakdown he explores various aspect of this work following the 5 steps of the 5SRW method to apply photography to V-Ray.

Check out this incredible work > vray interior

La Marquise Master Suite – Interior Render

La Marquise Master Suite

One nice and unusual interior render produced with 3ds max and V-Ray 2.0

Compliments to Walid Layouni.

Pure – Interior Render


3D visualisations are an integral part of today´s architectural, design and advertising landscape.
Transporting vision and emotional content, they translate the creative process into a transparent visual language.

From photorealistic details to newly created imaginary worlds, the virtually unlimited possibilities of CGI aid all stages of the design and planning process and provide invaluable support to marketing and advertising strategies.

Pure Render

ST VISION – Interior Render


An interesting interior render makes by ST VISION.

Modelling: 3ds Max 2010
Rendering: V-Ray 1.50
Post production: PS

For more information watch this

The Living: another great piece of teaching.

In this moment Cg-Blog is the best place to study Rendering with V-Ray as practical application of photographic concepts. On Cg Blog you can’t find loooonger (and boring) videos, you can’t find simple tutorials like “just-click-here”.

On Cg Blog you can find real “Lessons”, with theory and applications. The teacher explains you WHY, everything is LOGICAL and this is preatty rare for V-Ray Trainings! If you’re looking for a real school, with exercises and a teacher to ask questions so.. no doubts! Choose Cg Blog!!!

Vray Interior Render – Minimal Room

Render with minimal style produced with 3ds max and vray.

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The Ghost House

The Ghost House! This project is so called why this home is hardly find on maps.

For production are been used 3ds max, vray, photoshop and bookscatter.

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Interior Render – Living Room

Render by Krishan Kuma produced with 3ds Max 2009 and Vray

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Interior Design – Classic Bedroom

Excellent modeling in 3ds Max with good rendering in Vray and post production in Photoshop.

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Interior Design – Bathroom

Shots of two types of bathroom made with 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop for post production. (Spanish source)

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Making of Rotunda

Making of Rotunda starting from modeling of each singular ornament, adding illumination, texturing and post production.

by Viktor Fretyan

Watch this tutorial

Interior Render – 60th old Style

Composition in 60th old style.
Produced with: 3ds Max / Vray / Photoshop / Polyboost

House Interior by Lasse Rode

Author: Lasse Rode / Studio xoio

The Berlin based studio xoio has been established in 2006 by Peter Stulz and Lasse Rode. It is specialized in high-quality emotive architecture and product visualization. The team at xoio consists of people who have an architecture and design background. That provides a strong understanding of creative processes and the ability to give support in questions of design.

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Chicago Loft by Bertrand Benoit

Here’s a remarkable little Déjà vu for you… Last year started with a spotlight on Bertrand Benoit’s Tribeca Loft, and today he posts his new Chicago Loft images on the forums! Perfect timing & execution as you would expect of him. Last month Bertrand released the Chicago Loft scene for sale on Turbosquid in clean form so that you can populate it with your own models, serving as a showcase set – His current set of images is a great example of how this could be done.

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Making of Loft V-ray

Author: Matheus Passos

3D artist located in Bahia / Brazil doing Computer Graphics since 2010.

Matheus Passos created the Loft scene as a personal project inspired by the works of MIMO Studio and Insomia Architects from Poland

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Beautiful interior render composition combining old style design and furnishing a modern design and detail

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Corten Church by Nicolas Richelet

Here is a wonderful making-of by a wonderful artist, Nicolas Richelet, you all know by the nickname of Newke. I also want to make a big-up to Mr. Moustache!

The image was created with the following tools: 3dsMax 2011, Vray Vray 1.5SP5 and 2.0 Beta and Photoshop CS5 and the plugin “Photolooks Magic Bullet.”

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Architecture Design

some work 3d visual in Switzerland , work done on software 3d max2011 + vray sp5 , pts CS2

A great example of right lights balance and good use of the best photographic concepts

Watch other renders here