Minimal Vray Exterior: great training!

On another complete trainings has been published: it’s MINIMAL EXTERIOR. Studying this training you’ll improve your knowldges to get the 5SRW Certification with V-Ray… and just to know, all students of CgBlog can access this exam for free!

In this moment Cg Blog is the only place in the web where a “V-Ray Licensed Instructor” (approved by Chaosgroup) shares his trainings. This is a really new scenary in the confused-tutorial’s-world, a good reason to trust in this project.


Procedural sand – Javier Pintor


Javier Pintor’s Procedural V-Ray Sand Material as showcased in his forum WIP thread. You will find here a short textual how-to supported with a video without commentary and the 3ds max scene file. Feel free to use it for any project you like.

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The Making Of Farnsworth House by Romuald Chaigneau


In this post we welcome to a talented young designer, Romuald Chaigneau, to make the legendary Farnsworth House.

To read his making of go to here

Vray Exterior Render – Tagina

This exterior render is a project made for a famous Italian company, totally produced in computer graphic with 3ds max, vray and post production in photoshop

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Lake Lugano House

A fantastic Jame’s Pickford’s Exterior Render.
Thi project is based on the Lake Lugano house by JM Architecture in Italy. For production of this render are been used the Peter guthrie’s HDRI.

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Exterior Render – Chapel at Rio Roca Ranch

Beautiful example of exterior architecture. A chapel with simple lines and well defined. In this render there is a deep contact with the nature.

the windows of chapel give the idea of open space

Great V-Ray exterior renders

After more than a month and a half lull, here’s the last project I worked on: Site: Headquarters of a major Chinese tobacco company in Sichuan / China

The project is a concept from initial idea to submission of the final product failed to takeonly 31 hours: including complete modeling of objects in 3ds max + ArchiCAD andpostobrabotkata (additional rendering took about 60 hours). Original resolution previews:3000/2000

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Artist Retreat by Jamie Homes

Jamie’s ‘Artists Retreat’ render, that was based on the Shell house by ARTechnic architects, got him first place in the exterior category of Evermotion’s latest competition. He really managed to pull off a remarkable 3d recreation based on the original house and I especially like what he did with the little japanese zen rock garden! this is a must see and study. Join the forum discussion for more information.

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Design the concept of office center

Exterior render of office center with an innovative design.

Software used: 3ds Max + Vray + Photoshop

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Hotel – Exterior Render

Author: Hemant Kumar

From: India, Delhi
Software for production: 3dsmax, vray, photoshop
Date: 2012.05.16

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Making of House to Catch a Forest

Author: Celestino Geronimo
Celestino is General Manager at Mushroom Multimedia located in Singapore.

“This is my interpretation of a Tezuka House by the forest, played with different foliage types as opposed to the original site itself. My intention was to achieve that “forest” look with lush vegetation while preserving the focal point which is the design of the house itself. It was a simple 3D exercise which I did to pass the time.”

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Making of GH House by Anton Cherenko

Author: Anton Cherenko
Anton participated in the GH House Challenge, winning an Honorable Mention Award for his entry. In this article, He describe the process of working on his images.

“I’m very happy to share with you the process of creating my entry for the GH House Challenge. This 3d scene was made with 3D Studio Max 2009, VRay render engine, OnyxTREE, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.”

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House in the South of France

Image at night made with Vray 2.0 for JPGomins Architecture.

Take a look here > House in the South of France

Architecture Design

some work 3d visual in Switzerland , work done on software 3d max2011 + vray sp5 , pts CS2

A great example of right lights balance and good use of the best photographic concepts

Watch other renders here

Making of Taliesin Mod.Fab.

Architectural visualization artist Matt Guetta shares his process of making Taliesin Mod.Fab – A project designed and built by students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Matt was motivated in exploring Taliesin Mod.Fab as a personal 3d project, being fascinated by the well designed and sustainable project made by students, focusing mostly on lighting and materials. He also took the liberty to create a different environment for the house then the Arizona desert it was originally situated in.

Author: Matt Guetta

Matt Guetta is a CG and 3D Architecture Visualization artist based in France. Starting 3D as a hobby, he quickly became fascinated by the subject, and in 2009 decided to direct his career path towards 3D CG. Matt also has a blog in french about the subject which provides free VRay tutorials at

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MOMA Design

3ds Max 2009, V-Ray, AutoCAD 2010, PS CS4

My thesis project. Museum of Modern Art in Rostov-on-Don. Do not set the goal to achieve photorealistic, the principal was architecture, but also received visas pomoymu not bad.

Take a look here > MOMA Design